Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog How-To Resource

  In some ways I hate that I work outside the home now, and in other ways I love it- I have not had time to blog at all and I hate that! I do want to pass along a GREAT resource for how-to's of blog tweaking, BlogU! There are some AWESOME tutorials for just about anything you can think of regarding your blog, I am excited to check out more posts and tweak my blogs! I will try to make time to post and get more resources listed, and as always, if you have any questions email me!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Install a Favicon for a Blogger Blog

  I have been searching the web looking for simple and easy tutorials to share on this blog, and the one that I used myself to install my favicons is here in a post from The Older Geek. It works beautifully and can be easily changed should you need to change your favicon, say to match a new blog design! There are also several favicon generators to get you the perfect size image to install, such as this one at Try it out! See how awesome you can make your blog look, and if you need help, I am only an email away!

Social Parade on Friday!

Taking part in the parade on Friday- join in with me!

Smart and Trendy Moms


Welcome all, hopping this evening!

Obviously MARvelous

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

Wednesday I will be blog hopping- Welcome to all my new friends and I hope you stop back often!~


Welcome everyone to my new blog,  Sew Chic Blog Designs. I was inspired to start this blog about blog design and tweaks while working on my other blog, Sew Chic Designs, and helping Andrea from Keepin it Thrifty add a couple of touches to her blog..I loved doing it! So here I will try to post free resources for you to use on your own blog, and ideas that I have seen and easy ways to make your blog even better! I am thinking of starting to become available to help people with their blogs by request for a very small fee, just email me at for info :) Thank you, and check our freebies page for things to tweak your blog!